Sunday, March 12, 2017


We have had a change in location for our barbecue event, so we want to let you all know about that now.  We will be having all events at Jo and Gary Bryan's house at 102 Independence Creek Lane.  John and Linda have put their house on the market, so we need to stay out of their way so they can show it and sell it.  They are moving to Sun City whenever their house sells and their new house gets built.  Exciting news.  

When you come to our house, please watch out for deer.  We have a lot of deer in Sun City and they think they own the roads.  I guess they do in a way since we moved into their homesite.  Turkeys may also claim the road.  Lots of animals here.  It is especially important to watch out for them after dark and at dusk, as they come out of nowhere. This was in my back yard.

The wildflowers are in bloom.  I'm attaching a link so you can look at some of the scenic drives that will be available if you want to go wildflowers viewing.  This picture was made two blocks from downtown Georgetown of red poppies, which will be coming into bloom around the time you come.  Georgetown is the Red Poppy Capitol and the Georgetown Red PoppyFestival is April 28, so hopefully there will be red poppies for you to see as well.  They come out later than the bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush.

Second Saturdays are Market Days in Georgetown, so the Saturday of the reunion there will be lots of booths and tables and fun stuff to browse and buy on the Square.  Artisans of all types will be there with their wares.  The square will be blocked off, and you will have to park in one of the parking lots off the square.  One is two blocks west of the square on eighth near the Georgetown LIbrary.  The other is on Main Street and Ninth, a block south of the square, and east one block.  It is a bustling street fair, and this will be the first one of the year, which will bring lots of folks out if the weather is pretty.  The shops on the square are also fun and different, so there will be lots to do on the square on Saturday.  Here is a map of downtown Georgetown.,+TX/@30.6359,-97.6786037,18z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x8644d5fd54dafbdf:0x61ec34de94c03a09!8m2!3d30.6332618!4d-97.6779842

One thing I failed to mention as a nice day trip is the Wildflower Center south of Austin.  The wildflowers should be in full bloom there for the reunion, so it is a great time to go.  I've gone three times to see the flowers during wildflower season and never been disappointed.  Lady Bird Johnson developed this and one time I went, I actually ran into her there!  Here is info about it.

Looking forward to seeing all of you soon!

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