Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Lots of things to do in Georgetown

There is a lot to do in our sleepy little town of Georgetown, so I wanted to share some of it with you before the reunion in case you want to come early or stay a few extra days and make a vacation of it.  Georgetown has won the Best Town Square in the Country many years.  Here is a Trip Advisor link to let you follow your heart to see all the things available in Georgetown.

Here is a link to another site that gives more info on Georgetown:

Here is the Georgetown Chamber site, which has specific info about attractions nearby, including Space Caverns in Georgetown, Fredricksburg Wineries, and many more.  It also has other links to things happening here that weekend:

The Austin Statesman just published a huge article on what to do in Georgetown last week-end.  Here is a link to that article:

The Red Poppy Festival is the week-end of April 28, so you will miss it, but hopefully there will be fields and fields of beautiful wildflowers when you come.  I've already seen some bluebonnets in yards, which get more water than the fields, so they will bloom earlier.  But we've had some great rain this month, so that and the early sunshine and warm days we've had will bring them out.  Driving on Hwy 281 or FM 29 should give you some good views as you drive to Georgetown.  The more you get into the Hill Country toward Fredricksburg and Marble Falls, and off the main thoroughfare, the more you will see.  But there will be plenty, I hope, on the way here.  The Texas Highway Department does a good job of seeding the highways with wildflowers around here, so it will probably be hard to miss them.  I've seen a couple of purple plum trees in bloom, and forsythia in bloom, and the oak, ash and elm are all putting out leaves.  So hopefully you will see some color.  We have color almost year round in Sun City, so I hope it will be in full color for your arrival.  Please email me if you have any questions.  I'll tell you what I know, which may not be perfect.

One other thing I found out last week is that the Sheraton gives a Sun City discount if you are visiting someone in Sun City.  So if you have decided to stay at the Sheraton, you can ask for the Sun City discount and tell them you are visiting Sun City.  That is where the Bryans, McGarraughs and Sue Payne live.  Also, for many of you, you may know that Howard and Jane Hammerbeck and Marita and Dennis Carroll live here in Sun City.  So we have a good contingent of Perryton folks here.  I will be available just after noon Thursday if any of you want a tour.  But we can probably arrange one for you later in the week-end if you are interested.  email me if you are interested and I'll start a list.  I can get 5 people in my car, but we could also have you follow in your car if there are more than will fit in mine.   My email is   Home phone 512-868-3560  cell 806-676-3135.  Looking forward to seeing you.  We currently have the following registrations:

Leicht John Linda
Jackson Corline Grant
Kile Bobby Leahwana
Alexander Charlie Pam
Coulter Steve Susan
Clark Penny
Bryan Gary Jo
McGarraugh Raymond Kay
Payne Sue
Ward Lois
Foster Sandra Benny
Bruce Dan Nancy

We are waiting to get yours!!!  Send in your registration and $$$$ for registration, $25 each.